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Glenn Ball is a world-renowned swing dancer and Choreographer, coaching and developing couples all over the world.

Glenn knocked the socks off the swing circuit when he became the first-ever Englishman to achieve a top 5 placement in a routine division, taking 3rd place in the US Open.

While based in Austin, Texas, Glenn’s work continues to call him across the world; teaching, choreographing, competing, MCing, and showing his love for this awesome dance form.

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Glenns been in full swing since 2015, when he hit the couples dance world and stepped into the West Coast Swing circuit. He rose up through the divisions, winning competitions in Europe and The US competing in the Showcase Division.

After placing 3rd in the World Renowned US Open, Glenn also won a The Open Strictly division and co-choreographed the Go Dance Cabaret Routine and Swing Team which both took 2nd place in their divisions.

In 2019, with it being the first degendered year at The US Open. Glenn, in is usual style, had an idea to mix things up and dance with fellow Brit Callum Powell. This would be the first ever time 2 males had hit the US Open dance floor together and boy, did they steal the show. They shook up the competition and swung into 3rd place creating a historic moment that may never be repeated.

Glenn is quickly becoming one of the leading Swing and Couples dancers, teachers, choreographers and judges in the world. His knowledge and style are as diverse as his dynamic background in dancing, showcasing his boundless passion as a movement-based creative.





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