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To many, fitness is at the core of choreography.

This discipline is truly a blurred line between being an art form and a sport: it's not only about strength and performance, but also about harmony, grace and beauty.


Glenn strives to capture the inner essence of body motion through his work.



After qualifying as a trainer through PT Academy, Glenn became one of the leading fitness experts for photographic shoots and DVDs. He combines his unique approach to training and exercise with body awareness that only a dancer could develop.


In 2008, Glenn collaborated on the ‘Step UP and Dance’ workout DVD. He wrote the fitness scripts and choreographed two of the iconic routines.


He went on to release two further successful fitness DVDs; ‘Learn the moves of Grease’ and the ‘Essexercise workout’ with the girls from TOWIE.


Glenn continues to work with and train high profile clients such as Maxi-Nutrition, Nike, and Monster Headphones for fitness films and shoots.





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