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Glenn Ball is a world-class choreographer based in Austin, Texas.

His vast portfolio showcases choreography for fitness brands, fashion events, and the entertainment industry.

He draws on a rich background of movement performance, and fitness expertise. Together, they set him apart as a choreographer who embodies the art of movement to the highest physical ability.


Blurring the line between art form and sport, Glenn elevates his craft from strength and performance to harmony, grace, and beauty.


If you can imagine it, he can create it.


His choreographic career started with quite the warm-up when he took charge of the 2006 UK X-Factor Tour at just 21 years old.

He swept the nation off their feet and became one of the UK’s most sought-after choreographers while still continuing to tour the world as a dancer.


Glenn continued to step it up, choreographing number 1 singles, producing fashion shows at Buckingham Palace, and topping the Fitness DVD charts.


After becoming a qualified trainer through PT Academy, Glenn also began bringing fun and form to people’s workouts across the world.

He collaborated on the ‘Step Up and Dance’ Workout DVD, writing the fitness scripts and choreographing two of the iconic workout routines.


Glenn then released two further successful fitness DVDs; ‘Learn the moves of Grease’ and the ‘Essexercise workout’ with the girls from TOWIE.


Today, Glenn continues to work with and train high profile clients such as Maxi-Nutrition, Nike, and Monster Headphones for fitness films and shoots.

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