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10 FOR 10


Want to learn swing dance or polish your steps in short, quickfire lessons?

10 for 10 is bringing the swing to you!


Exactly as the name suggests, they are awesome 10-minute swing tutorials for just $10. Short, to the point

and downloadable.

Every video teaches you:

  • A technique or move that you can practice at home

  • How to put it into West Coast swing


Buy ten and get one free!

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- One Foot Spins Tips

- Glides Pt 1

- Glides Pt 2

- Funky Anchors

- Cool 3s & 4s For Pushes

- Boogie Walks

- Apple Jacks and Apple Jack Variations

- Cool 3s & 4s For Passes

- Slides

- Solo Footwork Routine Pt1

- Solo Footwork Routine Pt2

- Boom

- Arm Styling

- Blues Solo Pattern

- Blues Solo Pattern (add ons-Advanced)

- Connection With The Fridge

- New videos will be added constantly!


Can’t see what you’re looking for? Write to Glenn to request a new 10 for 10!

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Get your tutorials in two simple steps!

1. Send the payment to Glenn-Ball on Venmo, or on PayPal

(Make sure you click ‘Friends & Family’ on Paypal )

2. Add a note to your payment with your email address and the name of the video(s) you wish to receive.


3. You’ll then get an email with a link to a Google Drive of your chosen videos.

Any questions? Drop me a message at



Leader’s Tutorials - Coming Soon


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